20 October 2014

Dear Savanna

Three wonderful years, sweetheart. We had a small party for you this year. We hired a princess jumping castle and served cookies and milk to your friends.

You are quite the girly girl. Your wardrobe is an explosion of pinks and purples. You watch Barbie, Life in the Dreamhouse too often. A new pair of shoes can make your day. Like your mother, truly.

You consider Nicolas your best friend. Friend one minute, enemy the next.  Liam is your ‘big bro’. You consider him an authority. Any rule that Liam says, you happily adhere to. Facetime with your dad is something you love to do. You miss him too much when he is away for work.

You are growing up. There was a period of time when you decided to sleep in your bed, in your own room. I felt like throwing a party for that. Well,  until you’ve decided you’d rather sleep in between your parents. Weaning you from co-sleeping is still a work-in-progress.

At times, you’d adapt a British accent from watching too much Peppa Pig on TV. Other times, it’s Spanish because you love Dora the Explorer also. You say ‘tummy ink’, instead of ‘tummy ache’. Tummy ache, by the way, is your code for “I need a lolly, pronto”. Drives me crazy.

The other day, you woke me up and said, “mummy let’s snuggle under the blankie”. I think that was my favourite part of the day. I love you like crazy.

Happy birthday, my love.

Birthday photos here

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  1. Hello. What a cute daughter u have! Love to read your blog! :) Keep it up!